Unloq More Opportunities Through

Stronger Research

More knowledge,
deeper data, delivering
Greater scope.

Smarter Engagement

Precise, relevant and
informed approaches deliver
better results.

Smoother Completion

We help clients
side-step the difficult,
to secure the right deals.

We’re a UK based M&A firm committed to maximising your deal flow
With a simple proposition: wider reach + greater choice = more options

Clients who work with us appreciate that this is a time-consuming process that needs specialisation. They want to continue the ‘day job’, whilst using Unloq to take care of the heavy lifting for acquisition: finding, contacting and persuading businesses owners to talk to you.

We have invested heavily in both data and technology to assemble a wealth of business and market data. This allows us to find, track down and reach every opportunity we can for our clients.

At a time when there is more information than ever we’re convinced that, when it comes to making informed decisions, the data doesn’t lie. It’s there to be used for our shared competitive advantage.

It’s time to adopt a smarter approach to buying a business.

Stronger Research

The technology we use, the data sources we mine, and the way
in which we deliver high quality analysis to suit your brief is
unique in this sector.

If you engage Unloq, you can be confident that no stone is
unturned in sourcing the right opportunities. Whether on market, or off market, we can identify the right targets for you.

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Smarter engagement

You need vision to see an opportunity, but skill to realise it.
Once we have identified target companies, we start the
process of reaching them. We speak directly with 50% of
decision-makers within target companies, to engage them for
our clients.

We help you navigate the challenges of valuation, offer,
finance and negotiation to help you reach a decision point to
commit, or to walk away.

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Smoother completion

Whilst having an offer accepted can seem like the biggest hurdle,
completing an acquisition can be a significant challenge too.

It is too easy to assume that completion will go smoothly but there
will be discussions around deal structure, detailed due diligence and
legal documentation before even discussion of what ‘post
completion’ looks like.
We help our clients get across the finish line.

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Our commitment to confidentiality means that we
are careful about details on specific clients or mandates.

At the same time, if you contact us, we can share
examples of our work, discuss projected outcomes and cover off how we can help you.

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The Data doesn’t lie: Small Cap M&A in numbers

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