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Unloq is the perfect fit for the motivated business buyer.  However, looking to acquire a business or sell a business often leads to many mistakes.

We have invested heavily in business information, the road to Firm acquisition, data analysis tools and technology. Our focus is one: to help our clients. We strive to improve their deal flow and find the right acquisitions to support their growth.

The Modern Way to Acquire a Business

Unloq is an ideal partner for long-term business acquisition. It has an excellent track record and provides room for acquisition takeover projects across a range of sectors. Our desktop research gives a strong foundation for future activity.

We will then identify, reach and engage every opportunity we can for you. With mainly off-market target companies many of these opportunities will be exclusive to your project. We enhance this work with the deal flow of companies actively for sale some of which are public, however many are sourced through our extensive network of partners and advisors.

It’s a compelling proposition: we find, contact and persuade shareholders to speak to our clients. We then work alongside both parties to realise the right valuation, deal structure, offer and eventual transaction.

These are the main reasons why clients choose to acquire a business with Unloq: we save time, whilst offering momentum in your deal sourcing for acquisition. It’s clear, the more opportunities you see, the greater your chances are of a successful acquisition.

You Get on with the ‘Day Job’, We do the Heavy Lifting

Unloqs management team can increase your chances of buying a business. With research and analysis placed at the heart of our work, we identify opportunities for you that fit your needs. From this starting point, we are incredibly effective at reaching business owners and persuading them to sell to you.

So, if you are just looking at businesses for sale, and are frustrated, we can help. Why wait months or years for the right opportunity to come along? Lean on our experience to proactively reach your next quality acquisition.

Or maybe you want to sell a business instead of acquiring a company? Firm Gains is a solid firm for use if you are considering selling your business. Their experience and expertise in the M&A market is vast. This allows them to provide a personalised approach and commitment to achieving the best outcome for their clients.

At a time when there is more information than ever, we can help you make informed decisions. We provide necessary due diligence, and financial due diligence, giving you higher-quality options.

The data doesn’t lie: it is there to be used for your competitive advantage. It’s time to reduce your risk, increase your options, and adopt a smarter approach to buying a business.

UNLOQ, specialises in off-market acquisition opportunities, connecting large companies with strategic targets. Our expertise in corporate finance ensures that we identify opportunities with intangible assets, excess capacity, and other key factors to enhance your company’s position.

Whether you’re looking to expand market share, diversify product lines, or optimize cash flows, we offer various types of acquisition opportunities tailored to your needs. UNLOQ makes it possible to secure the best deals and drive your company’s growth.

We’re a UK Based Mergers & Acquisitions Firm for Local and International Buyers Looking to Acquire a Business

With experience in most industry sectors, we cover Europe and the UK from our base in Reading, near London. We work with North American, European and Asian clients as well as UK-based individuals, financiers and corporate buyers.

Benefit from our market knowledge of and experience in M&A. If you want to buy an existing business, then call +44 (0)1962 609 000.

Increase Acquisition Deal Flow

Increase Deal Flow

The data sources we mine, the technology we use, and the way in which we identify high-quality businesses to suit your brief is unparalleled.

If you engage Unloq, no stone is unturned in sourcing the right opportunities which meet your specific brief. Whether on market, or off market, we can identify the right targets and secure them for you.

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Negotiate sucessfully to buy a company

More Purposeful Negotiation

You need skill to realise the right opportunities. Once we have identified target companies, we connect with approximately 50% of decision-makers and engage them on behalf of our clients.

We help you navigate the challenges of valuation, offer, finance and deal structure to help you reach a decision point: whether to commit or walk away. But, always increasing your options.

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Complete an Acquisition of a Business

Smoother Completion

Having an offer accepted may seem like the biggest hurdle, yet completing an acquisition can be more demanding.

Completion rarely goes smoothly, there will be discussions around deal structure, due diligence and legal documentation. And then there is the exit planning to help the previous owner map out their exit.

We remain on hand throughout to help our clients get across the finish line.

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The Data doesn’t lie: Small Cap M&A in numbers

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