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A Smarter Approach to Acquisition

We work with companies and individuals who are seriously interested in buying one or more businesses. Not just any business, but specific, profiled and carefully selected businesses.

Our research methodology uncovers a significant numbers of suitable acquisition opportunities for virtually any brief. Our active engagement means that, whether for sale or not, we are able to speak to at least half of the target companies. And our experience in completion means that we get more deals over the line.

So, if you seriously want to acquire, then let’s talk. Call 01962 609 000, or send us an email.

Our Management Team

John Braithwaite
Managing Director

Business leader and entrepreneur, John Braithwaite has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. In the last decade, John has operated, advised, setup and grown numerous new businesses including ecommerce, B2B, training, networking and finance. He continues to develop modern business techniques and the practical application of technology for strategic business growth.


Mark Braithwaite

Mark Braithwaite is a Chartered Account and graduate of the Wharton | Merrill Lynch Investment Banking Institute. He started his career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, then worked for Merrill Lynch in Investment Banking. He now is the CFO for a multinational industrial business. Mark brings considerable experience to the Unloq team in advisory and operational capacities.


James Neville-O’Brien
Strategic Advisor

Serial entrepreneur, James Neville-O’Brien has setup, operated, bought and sold stakes in over 300 different enterprises in the last forty years. An experienced businessman, Cranfield MBA and Lecturer, he is also a fellow of the Institute of Credit, Marketing, Management and Directors. We welcome him to the team as a man of unrivalled business experience with a wealth of contacts and knowledge.


Denis Gulay

Denis brings a strong set of numeric and analytical skills to Unloq. Denis graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with a BSc in Economics. He is mathematically adept, with a background in technology and business operations. Having worked during both College and University in his spare time, his work ethic and organisational skills are welcome. We’re excited to have someone of Denis’ calibre on our team.


Bradley Neal

Brad joined Unloq in early 2019 after completing a Finance degree from St Thomas Aquinas College in New York State, USA. He won a scholarship to the University and was a key first-team player for all four years in the college soccer team. During the course of his degree, he gained experience of the Bloomberg platform as well as developing his financial knowledge. We’re looking forward to giving him opportunities to put his learning into practice.


Ross Mason Consultant

Ross Mason

Having graduated in July 2019 from the University of Southampton with a 1st in Economics, Ross is the most recent addition to the Unloq team. With a passion for business, entrepreneurial experience he brings critical thinking and analysis. Articulate, confident and approachable, we’re looking forward to introducing him to our clients and contacts as we continue to grow.

The Data doesn’t lie: Small Cap M&A in numbers

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M&A Services from Unloq

m&a, The unloq way

We are confident you will find working with Unloq refreshing.

We’re not like a traditional M&A business, with large up front
fees and city-first approach to acquisition. We’re a modern
data-driven business that works as hard as possible to find
clients the best possible opportunities.

We do all the hard yards to help clients find, engage and
complete on one or more details.

Better still we are both transparent and accountable to all
clients. Offering realtime reporting, responsive staff and a
shared commitment to achieving your aims.

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