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Increase Your Chances of Selling Your Business

5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Acquiring a Business

If you are serious about acquiring a business, you need to ensure that you maximise your chances of realising a successful acquisition. An extensive search and pragmatic approach will significantly increase the likelihood of both sourcing and completing a deal. 1. Full-Market Deal Origination Often, serious and capable acquirers only look to source opportunities that […]

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Business Finance for Acquisition

How to Finance Your Next Business Acquisition

Business Acquisition Finance – What are Your Options? Are you looking to finance the acquisition of a company? Like most buyers, the chances are you are not just using your own capital. If so then you are probably exploring what other choices there are for business funding. Most clients normally have their business finance in […]

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How Many Privately Held Businesses Are There

Is There a Suitable Business for Sale Near Me?

An easy question can often lead to a complicated answer. This is a prime example. With a question like this, there are some immediate questions: What do you consider suitable? Is there a precise requirement, or are you looking more broadly? What are your financial limitations in terms of your budget? What would you consider […]

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Purchase a Business

Looking to Purchase a Business? Off-market Offers the Best Route

One of the first steps taken by an acquisitive individual or business owner looking to purchase a business is to hunt around online. This can involve any number of public or subscription websites and then approaching accountants, business brokers and business owners directly. It can take time and be ultimately frustrating. It is worth early […]

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Buying a Business

Buying a Business for 2021? Essential Acquisition Strategies for You

Buying a business can take a significant amount of time. If you begin the process now, it is likely that you will complete an acquisition towards the end of 2020 or early 2021. With this in mind, you need to be considering, today, what your plans are for 2021.

Uncertainty in the market means that now, more than ever, buyers will need to have clear acquisition goals and certainty on how they will achieve them. The current climate requires a strategic approach, not just focusing on short-term gains, but on longer-term value and returns.

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