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Are You an Entrepreneur Who Wants to Acquire a Business?

As well as helping businesses with the processes of acquiring other going concerns, we help entrepreneurs do the same. So how can an entrepreneur acquire a business? Entrepreneurs often have a different mindset when it comes to acquisition. A business may want to acquire another one to gain market share, to develop new products or to diversify their commercial interests. It's a different story for entrepreneurs. Read on to discover some of the key considerations entrepreneurs need to weigh up when acquiring a business.

The Level of Commitment

Entrepreneurs often have a portfo...

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Want to Acquire a Business That’s Stable and Profitable? You’re Going to Have to Pay

competition acquiring a businessSome will justifiably tell you that it is a buyer's market when you acquire a business. Sellers can wait a long time for the right deal to come along, and the law of supply and demand will tell you the rest. This means that business buyers can name their price, right? Well, in fact, it doesn't. Bear in mind that the number of healthy and growing businesses constitute only a proportion of those that make up the true market. Some of the best busi...

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Increase Your Chances of Acquiring a Business

Most business buyers believe that acquiring a business is as simple as purchasing just about anything else. However, this can leave a false impression of the scope of the work involved. Negotiating a business sale price is what it normally boils down to, right? Well, no. Although pricing expectation is an extremely important factor, it is by no means the only one and can be a relatively low priority for sellers. Finding the right fit is first on the list. We describe ourselves as active acquisition advisors, but what does this mean? This article foc...

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Assets: The Questions You Need To Ask When Acquiring a Business

When buying a business, as you get to the sharp end of the deal, you need to have detailed replies to a wide range of questions. These will vary depending on the nature of the purchase and on the complexity of the business' operations. Seeking expert advice with these sorts of questions is always preferable as a part of the due diligence process. One key area that you should be focussing on as a potential buyer is the business' assets as they are a significant part of the overall valuation of the company. All companies have them, e...

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Why Grow Your Business Through Acquisition?

The shift in business culture over the course of the last twenty years or so has meant that growing your business through acquisition is more common today than ever before. Entrepreneurs and Corporates view acquisition as a part of their overall business growth strategy.

the best business to acquire?According to research by the Harvard Business Re...

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