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A successful merger is the best growth strategy. No contest.

The worst part of our work is when we receive a call from a business owner looking to sell their business because it has lost momentum. And, often with it, they have lost drive as well. However, under detailed investigation, these are normally signs of a business with a failed growth strategy. Lack of growth is a significant problem for selling a business. It normally means that the value of their business has reduced and is not attractive to most buyers. The market’s perspective is that if a business stalls, a downhill slope is most likely to happen next. Most business sell, merge or fold. No-one wants to be in the third category, so...

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Are Acquisition Synergies the Cherry on the Cake

Buying Business Turnover Finding a way to leverage acquisition synergies can accelerate the return on your investment in a way that relying on turnover can’t. They should never be overlooked when you are considering buying a business. In this article, we will look at business synergy more closely and why it is important to take on board...

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How Much Time Does it Take to Buy a Business?

  speed up acquisition process Think buying a business is simply about making an offer and waiting for the rest to fall into place? Even if you have the funds you might be surprised by how long the process can take. Based on our in-depth market knowledge of a wide range of business acquisitions, the process to buy a company will take between 8 and 12 months. This is regardless of the size of the ...

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If You Are Acquiring a Business From a Sale Advisor, Then Here’s What You Need to Watch Out For


Acquiring a business directly from the owner is just one method of making a start in the world of self-employment or of expanding your current enterprise. In addition, many buyers will find the enterprise they want to make an offer on via a sale advisor (also called a vendor advisor). This is due to the fact that a high proportion of vendors who sell a business in the UK each year choose to place their company on the market in this way.

For the majority of business sellers, an advisor does not simply help them with the co...

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Are You an Entrepreneur Who Wants to Acquire a Business?

As well as helping businesses with the processes of acquiring other going concerns, we help entrepreneurs do the same. So how can an entrepreneur acquire a business? Entrepreneurs often have a different mindset when it comes to acquisition. A business may want to acquire another one to gain market share, to develop new products or to diversify their commercial interests. It's a different story for entrepreneurs. Read on to discover some of the key considerations entrepreneurs need to weigh up when acquiring a business.

The Level of Commitment

Entrepreneurs often have a portfo...

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