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Do I need help to successfully acquire a business?

how does an acquisition advisor helpWhen you’re seeking to acquire a business it can be tempting to roll your sleeves up and take it on yourself, as you’re probably used to as a business owner. Most business owners that try to do so are in for a nasty shock. The volume of phone calls, emails and letters needed. The amount of knock-backs. The number ...

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Buying a business in 2019? Essential Acquisition Strategies for This Coming Year

Every year sees different trends and market movements and 2018 has been no different. Uncertainty and a lack of growth means that there are no 'rich pickings'. For business people and entrepreneurs, judging what 2019 will hold is essential for both planning and growth. Of particular interest will be the trends and advances that will make 2019 distinct from any other year. Anyone planning to acquire a business will have plenty to think about and to choose from in the coming twelve months.

Will it be Business as Usual?

In the political world, few could have predicted the outcomes we have been presented with in 2019. And yet, with ...

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Why You Should Search Off-Market For Acquisition Opportunities

Searching for the right business to purchase means looking for one that is up for sale, surely? Well, no.

It often makes sense to look for a going concern that is currently for sale, but that is not the full story by any means. In fact, off-market business acquisitions make a good proportion of the total businesses that are sold in any given period. Indeed, searching for businesses to buy which have not been marketed for sale makes a great deal of sense for certain types of business or investor.


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What Are the Five Key Considerations When Buying a Business?

Purchasing any sort of business is a big step. Whether you are already used to running a going concern and are buying out a competitor to increase your market share, or taking your first steps working for yourself by buying a franchise, the decision to commit should never be taken without due diligence. There are, after all, a number of pitfalls that you might fall into. Nevertheless, the many potential benefits of buying a business mean that progressing with a company purchase can make for one of the best investments of your life, both pe...

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