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Seeking the Right Strategic Acquisition in the UK and Europe?

If you’re an internationally-based business buyer and are seeking to acquire in the UK and Europe, then Unloq can help accelerate your search to realise a successful acquisition.

In the last year, we have helped buyers from Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia identify and acquire UK privately-held businesses. In all cases, the target company was not listed for sale, but we used our M&A experience and origination capabilities to research, introduce and bring these acquisitions to our clients.

We are now operating successful origination campaigns in Europe, the Middle East and North America.


What Would it Look Like for You?

If you choose to work with Unloq you’ll find it a refreshing change to other firms. Here’s just a number of ways in which we make life easier for our international clients:

  • We work with you on a detailed search brief to identify suitable acquisition targets
  • We research thoroughly, finding a Target list of companies to acquire for your review
  • We are comprehensive in our approach to reaching business owners, on average talking to over half of the decision-makers
  • We create a live website for clients with all of our prospecting progress updated realtime for your review
  • We work around your timing, being available for catch up meetings to suit your working day
  • We arrange meetings and visits to coincide with travel plans, ensuring that if you do travel to the UK you have a queue of appointments in front of you
  • We adapt around your team, working closely with your preferred accountants, advisors, financial backers and lawyers
  • We track the progress of your project to a successful outcome


What Does the Process Look Like?

If you are based abroad, your project will quickly gain momentum as confidence builds in a successful outcome. Within 4-5 weeks we will be bringing opportunities to you that fit your specific criteria for your review and from that point, there will be ongoing introductions of fresh acquisition targets until the process is complete and you have acquired.

We provide all foreign acquirers with the best mix of deal flow. We source on market acquisition opportunities from our extensive dealer network, finding both marketed as well as ones that have been circulated privately. However, our main skill is that we are the UK’s leading off-market deal origination firm, we are experts at finding and contacting company owners and persuading them to talk to you.

This combination gives clients the greatest choice and the strongest odds of acquiring a business in the UK – England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


Mitigate Risk & Realise Value

If you want to acquire in the UK, but are not based in Great Britain, you have a few options available to you:

  • Move temporarily to the UK and drive the process yourself, but this is costly and time-consuming. And it may be hard to leave should a deal be done, or
  • Hire staff and set up an office, but this is also expensive, and comes with all the challenges of managing employees from another country, or
  • Engage a Corporate Finance firm, who will be able to help you, but with very high upfront fees and their own specific way of dealmaking, or
  • Choose Unloq, for a modest retainer with a short term rolling contract, to be your eyes and ears in the UK

All of these options will command significant financial outlay in one way or another, but only the last one allows you to start fast and explore opportunities quickly at low risk.

We have an outstanding team and all the experience needed to give you ‘feet on the ground’. Contact us, or browse our website and explore how we could represent you in the UK.

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