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Do You Need Corporate Finance?

Corporate Finance can be extremely helpful, but the answer to this specific question is ‘no’. You do not need it, but it can be helpful in appropriate circumstances. For example where transactions are significant, or complex in structure, or perhaps if you have the resources but not the experience.

Many of our clients already have the capabilities in-house for corporate finance, or have existing relationships with trusted firms. Therefore the main gap is deal origination which our key specialisation. For some, we can (as outlined below) recommend firms specialising in Corporate Finance to be on hand to advise and support.


If You Have Corporate Finance Covered

There is still a need for deal sourcing and support through the acquisition process. Careful oversight is critical to realising a successful outcome.

For most acquirers, the challenge is deal flow: finding enough opportunities to hold talks with. Other areas can be resolved, but without enough suitable deals in play, the acquisition process stalls. For others it is valuation, to ensure they are capable of making a fair offer and deal structure for their targets, which is related to raising finance. Finally, for some, it is about the relationships and dynamics between the two parties – is there a cultural fit.

Beyond all of this, the amount of executive time occupied in the process is also a major consideration. So, an advisory firm is beneficial in all these areas. And the good news is that any or all of these concerns can be covered. There is nothing specifically unique that cannot be realised another way. If you have finance covered, great. If not, then we can still assist.


If You Need Acqusition Finance, We’ll Give You Options

Depending on the need, we work closely with a number of specialist firms that can help you with the financing of the acquisition. This can range from simpler financing which is based on one or more specific areas to a specialist broker who can scour the market for the best terms and rates for different forms of financing, all the way to a turnkey corporate finance house who we have worked closely with on a number of deals.

We also know of a number of firms that specialise in backing MBO or MBI candidates, offering a wide range of funding options to support an acquisition. So if you want to discuss this further, then please contact the team.

Better still you are using specialists in the different aspects of deal origination, giving you greater visibility on the core elements of the process with clearer demarcation.


Support All the Way Through the Process

If you are looking for an alternative to corporate finance which provides more effective deal flow, at any size of enterprise. A partner that can then help you value the business correctly, assists with finance options, negotiates the right terms and navigates the due diligence process with you. You should consider Unloq, give us the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and call the team on 01962 609 000 or contact us by email.

We work alongside UK and International Clients, Corporate firms, Private Equity, Investment Banking or MBI candidates with capital at their disposal. We’re confident we could work well for you.

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