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Whether you have had the experience already or can see it coming, finding the right business to acquire is not easy. This is why smarter buyers work with Unloq.

By choosing our proactive acquisition service no stone is left unturned to delivering high-quality deal flow to you. The methodology has been optimised over the course of the last seven years, and we now offer the perfect solution for the acquisitive company or individual.



The first stage of the process is finding the right acquisition opportunities for you. We look on-market, but as this represents only two per cent of businesses, and is fraught with problems. So, we always go much further than what is for sale.

We have full access to six different data sources which we combine to create the most effective data warehouse in the UK for business acquisition. We also have international acquisition capabilities if needed. So, when a client engages us we work on a detailed analysis of all privately-held businesses and provide a thorough list of the most suitable companies.

Our research is shared with you, and we then work closely to refine the list to come up with target companies to approach. Normally this is approximately 50-100 companies, but it does depend on the search criteria. If there are more, we target the most suitable first.



Once we have a target list, our team gets to work on building deal flow. We have a ‘by all means possible’ route to reaching business owners. Mail, email, calls, text and online. We continue to press until we receive a direct answer from the main shareholder, board or senior decision-makers.

Our carefully trained team qualify the opportunity, explore the level of interest and, where there is interest, exchange NDAs and then we complete the disclosure process. All being well we then introduce to our client.



However, the work doesn’t stop at the introduction. We recognise that building a strong and trusted relationship between buyer and seller needs investment too. A trusted mediator can draw the sting out of conflicts, work hard to realise the best solution, and increases the chances of securing the deal.

We do not offer finance, but we know a number of financing firms and can recommend the right lender for your circumstances. We work closely with clients and, where needed, lenders to ensure that the overall deal structure and offers are both fair and feasible.

Unlike other advisors and firms who seem more set on creating competition and division, we focus on bringing both parties together. This is a far more effective way of going about our work: after all, you are going to work closely together, therefore trust is an essential part of the process.



  • The highest quality data, analysed by specialists in mergers and acquisitions
  • Refined and filtered according to your preferences
  • A thorough marketing programme, reaching on average 50% of the target decision-makers
  • A proven engagement process leading to high-quality introductions
  • Full support with negotiations and information disclosure before and after Heads of Terms
  • A dedicated consultant to work alongside you throughout the project
  • A secure website with real-time access to all our origination work

So, if this looks good to you, then let’s explore working together. Please contact us by calling the team on +44 (0)1962 609 000, using the chat on this website, or sending an email through the site.

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