Giving more scope for sale or acquisition or privately held businesses.

The process of finding the right business and then reaching them can be an incredibly frustrating experience. At Unloq, we believe that there are a number of challenges that only a company like ours can resolve.

Information gathering is key

Your personal network may limit you to a handful of options, and even when you do know who you’d like to be introduced to, there are often concerns in terms of competition and relationship.

To find a few targets is relatively easy, but it’s harder to reach the fuller opportunity. Being better-informed starts with gathering the right information. We have the resources to research entire markets and industries, discovering all the options – not just those in the right market or in the UK but beyond. By increasing scope, we increase opportunity.

Matching financials, expectations and culture

With a larger pool to choose from, the matching process becomes much more effective. We evaluate the record of businesses, market sectors, relevant experience and overall scale to ensure the most relevant shortlists.

Not only that, but we work on not just the financial information, but also the other areas of business that make up the full picture. The culture, management, assets, brands – the intangibles that add value to the company. We help not just find a good fit, but to identify where adapting needs to take place.

Forming strong connections in the real world

It is our combination of networking and technology that creates a powerful mix meaning that although much of our work is through digital, we secure opportunities person to person. The best businesses are built on the right people.

we’re at work in a ‘post-sales’ world

Old sales methods are fast disappearing. Be empowered, not pressurised. Call us today – 01962 609 000.