take every opportunity seriously

thorough research of businesses

We don’t believe there are any businesses that use as many sources of information and knowledge, much of it confidential, to build as comprehensive a list of opportunities for clients. We then build in-depth knowledge on the businesses in question to help you judge the suitability.

identifying true business expertise

Most businesses will admit privately that there are gaps in their expertise, even if they give the impression that they can take on anything. It’s important to know the nature of what you are watching. When it comes to evaluation, the sooner the better.

We make it our job to fully understand what a business specialises in, what their strengths are, what their future holds, before we reach and match them.

performing thorough due diligence

It is our view that due diligence is not a one-way street, and they every business asking for diligence should be able to justify requests and questioning. We can help ask the kind of awkward questions you want to ask, but know would be better asked from another source.

Matching is about finding the right supplier and not just taking the first bus that comes along. It looks at compatibility from scale of operation to business aims, market expertise and company culture – and it recommends the right fit for you.

We go the extra mile, so you don’t need to, until you’re ready.