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Architect a smooth acquisition

One in every two deals falls over after an indicative offer has been accepted. One in three past Heads of Terms. Whilst this is sometimes is down to withholding of critical information, or one or other party walking away, more often than not it is the failure of the due diligence process.

Each element is in its own way vital to the effective completion of the process. The deal structure has to be right: to get the balance between lowering the risk for the acquirer and offering enough value to the business seller.

Due diligence is essential for anyone acquiring, to be absolutely sure that the business is as reported. Whether an on market or off-market deal, you can be sure that there is more to reveal. The right questions need to be asked, accounts need to be fully scrutinised. Employment and supplier contracts need to be assessed too.

And then there are the legals to conclude the deal. Whilst many companies have lawyers, not all firms have the right skills. Experienced specialist M&A Lawyers can save both time and release pressure to deliver the right deal.

Let us complete your team, to help you complete your acquisition. And if you work with us, we can recommend an excellent firm to help you get that opportunity across the line.

The Data doesn’t lie: Small Cap M&A in numbers

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M&A Done the Unloq Way

m&a, The unloq way

Mergers & Acquisitions Specalist Firm
We are confident you will find working with Unloq refreshing.

We’re not like a traditional M&A business, with large up front
fees and city-first approach to acquisition. We’re a modern
data-driven business that works as hard as possible to find
clients the best possible opportunities.

We do all the hard yards to help clients find, engage and
complete on one or more details.

Better still we are both transparent and accountable to all
clients. Offering realtime reporting, responsive staff and a
shared commitment to achieving your aims.

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