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If you would like your completion to go smoothly and in weeks, not months, then choose a specialist M&A lawyer or legal firm.

You may know a local firm, or one that you are familiar working with, and the chances are they will claim to offer this service. But, check first, and ask them about their recent relevant experience. If you are not convinced, then we recommend getting an appropriate advisor. We know it will make your deal smoother and happen more quickly.

Better still, whereas with some firms legal costs can spiral on deals, this is not necessarily something you need to swallow. Even with a lot of detail to iron out, we recommend working with firms offering fixed prices based on the deal size and structure. This can mitigate you exposure to fees.

The final pitfall, which may be beyond your control, is the legal representation on the other side of the acquisition. Their choice of lawyer is out of your control, but see this to your further advantage.

We always believe in using specialists: they lead to better returns.

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The Data doesn’t lie: Small Cap M&A in numbers

M&A Done the Unloq Way

m&a, The unloq way

Mergers & Acquisitions Specalist Firm
We are confident you will find working with Unloq refreshing.

We’re not like a traditional M&A business, with large up front
fees and city-first approach to acquisition. We’re a modern
data-driven business that works as hard as possible to find
clients the best possible opportunities.

We do all the hard yards to help clients find, engage and
complete on one or more details.

Better still we are both transparent and accountable to all
clients. Offering realtime reporting, responsive staff and a
shared commitment to achieving your aims.

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