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Have You Been Approached to Sell Your Business by Unloq?

If you have received a letter, email, phone message, or another form of communication from Unloq then you can be sure of these things:

  • There is a specific client (or clients) who have appointed us to approach you
  • Our clients are committed to a successful acquisition (as they have appointed us for this purpose)
  • They have the financial capacity to make genuine and competitive offers
  • We (and they) will respect your privacy at all times
  • By contacting us, all you commit to is to explore the opportunity (and nothing more)
  • We will share as much as we can in the call, but in most instances, for full disclosure, we will issue an NDA

So, contact us, or call 01962 609 000. Or, if you prefer, choose a project below.

Our Current Acquisition Mandate List

Here is a list of our active acquisition projects for which we have a specific client seeking to acquire. If you have received contact regarding one of these clients, then you can read more before enquiring.

Equally, if you have visited our site and your business fits one of the profiles below, please get in touch.


If you want to Unlock More Opportunity, Let’s Talk

There is only so much you can tell from our website.

Our commitment to client confidentiality means that we are
cautious about detailing specific clients or deals struck

At the same time, if you contact us, we can share examples of our work,
discuss projected outcomes and cover off how we can help you.

By submitting this form you are agreeing for us to contact you about our services. Note that all data shared with us is private and will not be shared publicly or passed on to third parties without your written consent. View privacy policy

The Data doesn’t lie: Small Cap M&A in numbers

M&A Done the Unloq Way

m&a, The unloq way

Mergers & Acquisitions Specalist Firm
We are confident you will find working with Unloq refreshing.

We’re not like a traditional M&A business, with large up front
fees and city-first approach to acquisition. We’re a modern
data-driven business that works as hard as possible to find
clients the best possible opportunities.

We do all the hard yards to help clients find, engage and
complete on one or more details.

Better still we are both transparent and accountable to all
clients. Offering realtime reporting, responsive staff and a
shared commitment to achieving your aims.

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Have You Been Approached by Unloq?

If you have been approached by Unloq, rest assured of these things:

To hear more about our client, please call 01962 609 000 or


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