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Would you like to work in a company that is busy transforming the M&A industry? That, even in a year of massive disruption, has continued to grow? Where your access to data and technology equips you to be at the cutting edge of modern business? If so, then this is the role for you.


About Unloq

Unloq Limited is a mergers and acquisitions business based in Berkshire: in short, we help businesses and individuals buy and sell businesses more successfully.

Our business is very digital-based, relying on data and technology to give it an edge as it competes with more traditional companies in the M&A space.

As our business grows, we need to add to our team and are looking for a consultant to learn how the market works, gain clear finance and sales skills, to help us achieve an even better 2021.


About You

You will need to be a recent graduate. We have found that graduates in business, finance and maths are the most suitable for the work we are involved in.

You will be motivated, organised, and efficient, responsible for managing a wide range of projects as effectively as possible. You must be comfortable with computers, confident on calls and dynamic with decisions.

The work you do will vary: from data and analysis work, where you are reviewing company financial information or assessing viability and ownership, all the way through talking to prospecting opportunities who need to be found, engaged and introduced to clients.

You will often be talking to and communicating with business leaders and you need to have enough confidence to do so without becoming too casual. It helps if you have a mature and unflappable manner, and be able to manage a wide range of different roles and responsibilities.


About the Role

This is a busy role, and so, in addition, you will ideally possess the following:

  • Commercial skills – you need a commercial mindset, keeping in mind the value you deliver, identifying margins and opportunities, understanding and spotting where the wins are. You need to enjoy selling, as your salary has a significant commission-earning opportunity
  • Coordination and organisation skills – required for managing and coordinating multiple projects, skills and communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills – you’ll need to be charismatic but professional when talking with prospects, clients, partners and other business contacts. You also need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of whoever you are dealing with – understanding their motivations and considering their perspectives
  • Numeracy skills – for mental and typed calculations as you review financial data and figures, sometimes within calls with clients
  • Strong Literacy – you will be communicating with our customers, suppliers and installers via email and so an excellent standard of spoken and written English is vital
  • Computer skills – Unloq is a digitally transformed business, so everything is done online through web-based software and customer databases. We use a CRM, and do as much as we can digitally using the Google Suite, Slack and other products like Airtable. You’ll also need to be competent in typing, word processing and spreadsheets.

This a full-time position. We hope the successful candidate will be able to enjoy the day to day work as well as carving out their future career.


Job Details

  • Hours: 9am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday
  • Spacious open plan office with a pool table and coffee machine
  • Free parking
  • Business park location

Salary £25,000 O.T.E. depending on experience

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