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The UK Experts in Driving Deal Flow

With Unloq as your partner, you can be confident that you have a team working for you with all the experience you need to increase your deal flow. Whether you have a very specific set of requirements or are just looking for more options, we are confident we can meet expectations.

For every business seeking to acquire, they want to be sure that they have a partner with the requisite experience and skill to fulfil their demands, and we deliver precisely that, so if you are looking for a strategic partner to help drive your deal flow.


Research – Looking Under All the Rocks

The first place to start is finding the right companies, and our research leaves no stones unturned. Whereas most companies use one data source or list broker, we take a different route.

We scour at least 4 prime data sources and then enhance this data with financial, trading and corporate depth to give a much thorough list, with more information to make educated judgments on the companies in question. On top of this, we also look at industry bodies, events, awards and other types of data to try to ensure, as far as possible, all relevant companies have been discovered.


Engagement – Persuasive and Persistent

To have an opportunity to persuade, you start by being persistent. Not pushy, not aggressive, but motivated and proactive. Our ‘by all means possible’ process to reach every potential Target for our clients, allows us to realise great levels of engagement. Then, on top of this, we build a strong rapport.

When it comes to on market opportunities, we have a good network of brokers, advisors, accountants and corporate finance firms. They work with us as they know our buyers are acquisitive and realistic. But, unlike our clients, we’re able to have informal off the record conversations with them and find it easier to understand what kind of offer would be acceptable.


Completion – Getting Deals Done

It is surprising how many deals fall over in the due diligence phase. Whilst some are genuinely unavoidable because of unexpected changes in circumstances, many fail because one or both of the parties let the process down.

Where it is the result of a breakdown in relationship or a lack of clarity on communications, or if the financial or legal counsel on one or other side is too slow or frustrating, then it should have been addressed.

Whatever the case, it helps to have Unloq on your side, smoothing the process and aware of these pitfalls.

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