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Project Criteria

Our client is looking to acquire a manufacturing business with a good track record and trading history. The perfect businesses would be B2B trade-only wholesalers or manufactures of essential non-seasonal very simple products. Examples are tyres, nuts or bolts, mechanical components, tissues or medical consumables or similar items.

The search profile for this:

  • £3m+ turnover
  • Sub £1 million deal size
  • With 1-3 time multiple of EBITDA
  • Limited assets (would prefer little/no property)
  • The trade debtors to EBITDA ratio needs to be minimum of 2.5 times
  • The deal will be structured with approximately 50% cash on completion with deferred considerations

If you believe you fulfil this brief and would like to explore further with us, please call 01962 609 000 or fill out the form below.

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