modern cloud based technology

With always on connected devices, where staff, clients and contacts move from place to place and need to be able to take their systems with them, with the security that modern cloud and SAAS solutions provide.

designed with your future in mind

Modern Corporates and SMEs are now looking for systems that offer them the most versatile future. By creating solutions that are open source and with robust APIs, it means that we don’t offer ‘golden shackles’ or a locked box to clients – we want to help them join up and connect disparate systems from email to social, accounting to ERP. It is in this future we specialise.

built to be pan-device and platform

The ability to adapt to any and every user means that your solution doesn’t tie you and your business model down. Rather than having to choose a single ecosystem, whether Windows or iOS, our solutions are built for all devices and therefore all you more freedom and choice without compromise.