information in one place - your fingertips!

open APIs and connections

The future is connected with joined up thinking. No longer do you need, nor should settle for, clunky systems, multiple spreadsheets, slow information flow and inability to pick out the important performance indicators. Our open source solution delivers everything you need in one place. Putting you in control.

customised to suit your business needs

Most softwares are either a straightjacket, where you need to adapt entirely to the way in which the software works; or bespoke which can be incredibly expensive to build and maintain. The difference with our software is that it is built to be flexible, to share data, to run workflows, to operate business. So, it can be customised without needing to start from scratch or create a unique ‘version’. Perfect for the business that want’s a solution that fits its needs.

use decisions and workflow to streamline operations

The way in which our software is built means that not only can you manage customer records and business accounts, but you can create versatile workflows and decisions to apply the kind of logic and reasoning you currently use in your workplace to manage your customers and business flow. Building these is straightforward and the outcome is a more efficient and smarter use of resources. You can do more with less.

So, if you want this technical advantage, then please call 01962 609 000 and discover what Unloq can do for you.