We now have 80 Active Business Acquirers for Strategic Acquisition Opportunities

We’re excited to announce a major milestone at Unloq. We’re now engaged by over 80 acquirers to strategic opportunities, spanning a diverse range of industries. From injection moulding to restaurants, adhesives manufacturing, commercial cleaning, security, fire and safety, B2B services, and storage. Our network covers a broad spectrum of businesses.

This achievement underscores our dedication to facilitating value-driven acquisitions that drive business growth and innovation. We’re grateful for your trust in Unloq, and we’re committed to continuing our mission of helping businesses thrive through strategic partnerships. Here’s to the future of M&A.

For those wanting to talk directly to an off-market buyer, the benefits are clear.

1. Off-Market Works – No Sale Fees, No Upfront Cash

Typically, when you sell your business through traditional methods, you will have to pay hefty fees, such as commissions and upfront costs. However, if you opt to sell directly to a diverse group of buyers, you can avoid these charges and you won’t need to provide any upfront cash. This means that you will be able to retain a larger portion of the proceeds from your sale.

2. Smoother, Faster Process

Selling a business through conventional channels can be a lengthy process that can take months, and in some cases, even years. On the other hand, selling directly to a diverse group of buyers can simplify the process and result in a faster sale. This means that you can say goodbye to the tiresome paperwork and delays, and hello to a more efficient transaction.

3. Direct Conversations Without Interference

When selling through intermediaries, direct communication with potential buyers is often obstructed. On the contrary, dealing directly with a diverse group of buyers facilitates open, unimpeded discussions with interested acquirers. This unobstructed communication can lead to a better understanding of each party’s needs and a smoother negotiation process.

4. Sell to Better-Fitting Buyers

Expanding your sales outreach to a diverse pool of buyers can improve your chances of finding the right match for your business.

By reaching out to a wide range of potential acquirers, you increase your chances of finding someone who shares your vision and goals for the future of the company. Additionally, this can help you to identify a buyer who is a better fit for your business.

5. Tailor Your Exit Preferences

In contrast to conventional sales methods, where terms are often dictated, selling directly to a diverse group of buyers allows you to articulate your exit preferences. Whether you wish to remain involved during the transition or make a clean break, you have the liberty to customize the process according to your preferences.

6. Maintain Control Over the Offer and Terms

Your business is your baby, and you should have the final say in its fate. When you sell directly to a diverse group of buyers, you retain full control over whether you’re happy with the offer and terms presented. You decide what’s best for your business and your future.

Selling your business doesn’t have to be a daunting, expensive process. Selling directly to a diverse group of buyers, including 80+ acquirers, provides you with the opportunity to sell your business on your terms. Enjoy the benefits of no sale fees, a smoother process, direct communication with buyers, and the freedom to shape your exit just the way you want it. Take control of your business sale and explore this innovative approach today.

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